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  • Ultra Thin
The strength enabled ultra thin body and ideal shape
In spite of ultra thin body, incredible bending and toughness strength of new material enabled impact strength strong as SiC.
The external impact is worst enemy for ceramic. The new developed ceramic has special charactistic which bounces back the impact like a spring.
By realizing ultimate thin ring, the guide weight is reduced and the ring diameter is larger

  • Ultra Light
Light and Large diameter

TORZITE has reduced the ring weight approximately 40% compared with SiC, and the total product weight in Titanium is reduced approximately 10% by realizing ultimate thin ring. In addition the TORZITE ring inner diameter is approximately 15% larger than SiC.
  • Downsizing

The Titanium TORZITE allows ring to be one size down compared with Titanium SiC ring under size 12. Thanks to downsizing, guide total weight and rod moment has reduced and tip section is lighter than ordinary one, achieving more sensitivity compared to the Titanium SiC spec.

Misura di riferimento

TORZITE has reduced the ring weight approximately 40% compared to SiC ring !
Combination with Titanium frame, the total guide weight is reduced approximately 10% compared to SiC guide !
Guide total weight and rod moment has reduced approximately 20~30% compared to the SiC spec by downsizing!
Confronto di peso tra una canna montata con TORZITE ( mis. ridimensionate ) e SiC con KR concept ( schema di montaggio di una 9 ft )
(Il numero totale degli anelli è 10 pz.)
Synergy of the ring shape with ring surface realize the ultimate protection to the line

  • Ultra Low Friction

TORZITE's gently round cross section shape allow the ring to contact line in double the length compared to the SiC. Thanks to it , the pressure to the ring is reduced half compared to the SiC.
Minimizing the micro pits which damages the line , and the mirror like finish is much better than SiC. The friction to the line is one-fifth of the SiC. It protects the line very well, and smoother retrieve became possible. It maximizes the effect of the latest reel drag .
  • Ultra Smooth

Big "R" shape and polished surface dramatically improves friction performance, line releasing peformance and drag and retrieve peformance of reel.

Test di Frizione
Put line through the guide and make an angle. Compare the angle when the guide starts sliding.
As a cast is made, the line released from a spinning reel forms spiral shape and the line from bait casting reel runs almost straight but a little bit wavy. Each line runs through guide rings. At the moment, the line touches inside of ring at a "point". Thus, "Wide line touching area", which is offered by unique shape of TORZITE , doesn't increase resistance upon releasing line, rather provide positive effect for line smoothness when the line touches the "point".

  • Improved Line Life

TORZITE reduces frictional heat dramatically by amazing "Low line contact pressure" from its shape property and distinguished "Low friction" from its material property. Futhermore, it improves line life dramatically by combination with high heating conductivity peformance second only to SiC ring.
Test di Scorrevolezza del filo
Create friction between ring and line by putting a load on a line and slide it. Then, count how many times it takes until the line is broken.
  • Hard to get curled

Big "R" shape of TORZITE inner surface has positive effect for keeping line straight. Line has a tendency to get flat by contact pressure. If one side of line get flat, the line gets curled. Curled line is major factor of line trouble.)
Image:Line runs through ring
Line Curl Test
Put a load on a line and slide it. Check the condition of line whether it curled or not.
  • Ultra Abrasion Restance

TORZITE is new material which is inovated only for guide ring. Its high density and highly bonded crystal maximize the peformance of abrasion resistance. In addition to that, it has "Low line load puressure", "Surface smoothness" and enough hardness. Then, it enables to have equal abrasion resistance to SiC which gains overwhelming trust.
Hardness exceeding quartz( HV:11), which is the hardest material in main constituents of general sand.
Overwhelming hardness enables to have equal abrasion resistance to SiC which gains absolute trust
● FUJI pursued ultimate lightness with TORZITE. As the result, TORZITE is equipped only with FUJI TITANIUM frame.

● All TORZITE guides are marked with laser marking to emphasize its uniqueness.
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